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“Truckmount”, “High Powered Vacuum Trucks”, “Powervacs”, these are the few names encounter when looking for an Air Duct Cleaning company. Most of the customers especially here in Calgary prefer these units because they look massive and powerful. And yes its true. Duct Truck units such as Heat SealAmerican Caddy Vac, Biltwel etc. can deliver such strong suction that it can even suck a small animal (example a cat).

However, there are portable units too designed for Duct Cleaning. If and when properly used, these units can do such great job as a truck-mount could.

Our company uses Heat Seal Technology(Truckmount) and Hypervac Technology(Portable) for duct cleaning. With our latest agitation tools and own techniques, we can assure you, your ducts will be clean the right way.

Watch this video and this could help answer your questions on which is better, a TRUCKMOUNT or a PORTABLE Unit? but remember, the only way to tell if your ducts are clean is when you see it with your own eye. So dont forget to ask for before and after pictures.